Herbie’s biography

Music education

My musical career started when i began playing guitar at the age of nine.

Classical music

Studied classical guitar, Co Pfister at the Giko, Els Kluin Conservatory Utrecht and with Stanley Noordpool at the conservatory of Tilburg.


Studied Jazz, rock, pop and latin all by myself. Admitted to the conservatory of Rotterdam in 1980 and graduated in 1985 majoring jazz. I studied there a.o with Klaus Flenter.


I did a lot of session/bandwork and studiowork during the end of the 70′. Played in different setups ranging from duettes to bigband, Metropool Orchestra to Rotterdam Symphonic Orchestra. With bands and musicals I played all over Europe, doing some studiojobs and appearing in radio and tv shows inside and outside The Netherlands.

I’m now working on a quartet playing standards and my own compositions ranging from bebop to fusion.


I do some private teaching mainly jazzguitar, giving workshops on improvisation and ensemble playing, bandcoaching, teaching music at the Jan van Brabant College, doing session work, writing music and doing some arranging work.

Music Friends

I played in concerts, sessions, workshops with fellow guitar players Joe Pass, Jimmy Raney, Jesse van Ruller, Anton Goudsmit, Peter Hertmans, Matern Otten, Hans van Leeuwen, Eef Albers, Dick Onstenk.

Friends that i had the honor to play with are, amongst others, Madeleine Bell. Greetje Kauffeld, Denise Jannah, Ruth Jacott, Humprey Campell, Michelle David, Rachel Gould, Orchestra, Rotterdam Symphonic Orchestra, Eric Vloeimans, Rosa King, Charles Green, Hans Eykenaar, Eddie Veldman, Clarence Becton, Henk Zomer, Ton Dijkman, Ron van Stratum, Pieter Bast, Marcel van Vught, Jos en Richard Beeren, Ton van de Geyn, Peter Krijnen, Rinus Raaymakers, Bas Cooymans, Hans Mantel, Roman Korolik, Jos Machtel, Peter de Vries, Henny Vonk, Ferdinand Povel, Hans Dulfer, Yuri Honing, Michael Moore, Armando Caïro, Andy Middleton, Peter Hermesdorfer, Joris Posthumus, Tineke Postma, Suzanne Alt, Jan Peels, Konkie Halmeyer, Henk koekoek, Rob van Bavel, Ron Wilson, Michel Biscelia, Paulus Potter, Gé Titulaer, Jaap van de Voet, Joep van der Burgt, Jacob Bedaux, Bart de Win, Frank Verhoef, Ruurt Boes, Miriam Snoek, Jane Onderwater.

Full Resume

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