Herbie Guldenaar

Jazz Guitarist

Herbie Guldenaar

Jazz Guitarist from The Netherlands

“Being grateful I can do the thing I love the most”

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13 hours ago

Playing with J4Jazz. Saturday March 24 in Prinsenzaal Best. It'll be great!! Hope to meet you there. A lot of fun with the BigBand concerts as well!!

De spetterende afsluiter in de kleine zaal wordt door J4Jazz verzorgd.

Jazz muziek is de basis voor J4Jazz met uitstappen naar Soul Funky en lounge invloeden met fraaie improvisaties, interactie op ... See more

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Herbie Guldenaar, the more I know about you and your music, the more I realize that it’s been such an honour to work on your guitar. I also know how fast you can play, but this slowly played piece, ” My letter to you” brings the music straight to peoples hearts. What a great artist you are.

Ad de Peffer

Guitar Customizer/ builder and player, Gitaarman

The Guldenaar name in Musical-Holland has a magic ring to it! If you hear the name in conjunction with a concert or recital, you know that you’re in for a treat Herbie follows the tradition of great jazz guitarists in Holland, and he’s reminiscent in his artistry and professionalism to my dear old friend and colleague, the late Willem Overgauw! Long live Herbie Guldenaar!

Rich Pulin

Trombonist, educator, internet radio host, Pulin 4 Jazz